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11 Lunge Variations to Level up Your Leg Workout Sports

11 Lunge Variations to Level up Your Leg Workout Sports


11 Lunge Variations to Level up Your Leg Workout | Fitness | MyFitnessPal

Woman is doing a side lunge

Woman is doing a lunge

Slider Lunge

Woman is doing a pulsing lunge

Balance Lunge

Reverse Lunge Step-up

Woman is doing a curtsy lunge

The Move: Lunge. bodyweight-lunge_ab_blog

TRX Lunge Workout for Strong, Toned Legs

Lunge Variations: 7 Different Lunges to Tone Your Legs

credit: Describe the Fauna/LIVESTRONG.COM Describe the Fauna/LIVESTRONG.COM. What's your favorite lunge variation ...

Lunge Variations: Targeting Muscles with Lunge Variations

Increasing the Intensity of Exercises. Image titled Make Lunges More Intense Step 1

Side Lunge

The 28-Day Lunge Plan


Forward Lunge

forward lunge with reach

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11 Lunge Variations to Level up Your Leg Workout

4 count burpee

Windmill Lunge

10 lunge variations to tone and tighten your legs butt and hips

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Level Up Legs

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Lunge 1-2

Jumping Lunge

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Peter Muller / Getty

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Squat vs Lunge - Which One Sculpts a Better Butt and Legs. “

Lunge to High Knee

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14 Exercises That Will Get You a Better Butt

Transition: Boxer's Lunge II Twist

Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana) with crescent lunge variation

Image titled Make Lunges More Intense Step 2

Jenny Pacey demonstrates how to do a Bulgarian split lunge

Henry Halse

Lunge High Knee Jump

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Master the basics and you'll be ready for these 10 Lunge variations!

beginner bodyweight leg workout

Feel your legs burning?

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How To Do Lunges ...

Image titled Do Jump Lunges Step 2

This lunge variation also targets the inner thighs and glute medius, a smaller booty muscle, and we take it up a notch by also including a ...

Want to tone and tighten your lower half? Try this cross-behind lunge and

Just like building a house, when it comes to shaping your body, you'll want to forge a strong foundation first. And there's no better brick than a classic ...

Image titled Make Lunges More Intense Step 4

Are you interested in other awesome exercises? Download the Runtastic Results app and get your sweat on today!

exercise class doing overhead lunges

Discover the benefits of three Lunge variations so you can determine how they might fit into your training program.

The New Way to Lunge

Image titled Do Leg Exercises Step 11

Image titled Make Lunges More Intense Step 9

If there's one thing that separates the boys from the men in the weight room, it's leg day.

Lunge 3-4

Functional Training – 10 Functional Training Leg Exercises

Plank Technique

7 Ways to Get Strong Outside of the Sagittal Plane | Eric Cressey | High Performance Training, Personal Training

Cossack squat inner thighs exercise

32 Lunge Variations to Keep Things Interesting (and Seriously Intense)

Shilpa Shetty Shows You How To Strengthen Your Core, Legs And Improve Balance With Her Workout ...


The Best Inner-Thigh Exercises for Women from 16 Personal Trainers | Shape Magazine

Leg Raises + Reverse Crunch

9 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day

Transform the Shape of Your Butt With This Lunge Variation. Best Leg Workout ...

Keeping up with my goal of adding more HIIT routines into my workouts, lately I've been doing some interval training at home. I've done my election hangover ...

Progress a curtsy lunge by adding a leap from side to side. Begin in a curtsey lunge with your right leg behind the left and both knees bent.

Lunge Progressions with Barbell

Fitness group working out at the gym doing lunges

Progress split lunges by adding a jump to switch legs. Begin in a lunge position with your right leg in front. Squeeze your glutes, keep your front knee ...

ESC Recommended Exercise of the Week #11

The Schepis Lunge | The BEST lunge variation for the quads!

nitial subject position for reference voluntary-contraction testing of the glu- teus medius dominant

Whether you're training for skiing, climbing, running, or playing with the grandkids over the holidays, these lunge variations will improve your ...