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Pacemaker 1972 VH Valiant Pacer

Pacemaker 1972 VH Valiant Pacer


Pacemaker — 1972 VH Valiant Pacer

... Falcon, and Valiant all battled for supremacy at great motor-racing events such as Bathurst, in a bid to increase market share throughout Australasia.

... the team at Marshall Panelbeaters, Morrinsville; good mate Dean Findsen; Bradley Evans of Hemi Performance Parts in Nelson; Greenville Auto Painters of ...

According to Ross, it was the shape and style of the Pacer that stuck in his mind the most.

Ross was also able to import a complete wiring loom from Australia, and this made the task of re-wiring the Pacer much easier.

When pressed, Ross vividly recalls that he spotted his first Valiant Pacer back in the mid '70s — a Regency Blue example whose owner lived in the same ...

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1972 VH Valiant Pacer

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Later, the Pacer was used as Ross' own wedding car but was eventually — and very reluctantly — sold, the proceeds going towards purchasing a dairy farm.

Valiant R/T Pacer “

Spooners Vh pacer replica

... strip down — which also uncovered some rats' nests and the odd bird's nest — the reality of the situation was that the Pacer's shell was quite rotten.

VH Valiant Pacer R/T Hardtop 340 6 Pack V8 (SOLD) - Australian Muscle Car Sales

Black Charger

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1973 Chrysler VH Valiant Pacer

1972 Chrysler Valiant Pacer

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Valiant R/T Pacer side

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Valiant R/T Pacer

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Chrysler Valiant VG Pacer Sedan

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Diesel's 1971 VH Valiant Pacer


OZ VH E55 340 Chrysler Valiant Charger design by Bob Hubbach -rear -angle -left

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73 VJ Valiant ranger


VJ Valiant

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My awesome VJ Valiant

Valiant VH Pacer

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VJ valiant ranger. 245 Hemi.

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Numbers matching Cleveland R-Code • 1 of 1700 built • Meticulously restored •

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Vg valiant coupe

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Pacemaker — 1972 VH Valiant Pacer | Chrysler Australia | Pinterest | Autos

1975 VK Dodge Ute (Chrysler Australia used the Dodge brand for its 'workmen's' Valiant Utes)

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The -val1

1974 VJ Valiant

72 Chrysler VH Valiant Ute 2 by DAT67cardude, via Flickr

1962 Chrysler Valiant “St. Regis” Coupe by Ghia

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1971 VH Chrysler Valiant Pacer 265 Page 1 Aussie Original Magazine Advertisement

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Gorgeous yellow pacer

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1977 Chrysler Valiant CL Regal


1971 Chrysler VG Valiant Pacer

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Valiant VH interior front

1971 Chrysler Valiant VH Charger R/T E38 Coupe

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Valiant VH Regal 770 Hardtop

1972 VH Chrysler Valiant Hardtop Paint Layer Protection Page 2 Aussie Magazine Advertisement | EPSON scanner

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1972 Chrysler Valiant Pacer VH Sedan


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1970 Chrysler VG Valiant Pacer

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