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All the stars have vanished by Wires and Lights New Wave Art

All the stars have vanished by Wires and Lights New Wave Art



The Future of Light Is the LED

A top-down 3-D view of connections in the mouse brain using Allen

Cyborg America: inside the strange new world of basement body hackers

Memory hippocampus brain

Glenn Harvey

Artist's concept of the explosive collision of two neutron stars. Credit: Robin Dienel courtesy of the Carnegie Institution for Science.

Neutron star smashup seen for first time, 'transforms' understanding of Universe

This artist creates insanely intricate artworks out of saws

Lights, Camera, CGI

In his book Who Owns The Future, Jaron Lanier writes: “When you are wearing sensors on your body all the time, such as the GPS and camera on your smartphone ...

A section of the Veil Nebula captured by the Hubble space telescope

Special Report: The Future of Lighting

How To Get Started with Programmable RGB LED Strip Lighting


Zohar Lazar

Neutron star collision seen for the first time

A Brain Roadmap

A comparison of images of Swope Supernova Survey 2017a (or SSS17a) from the night of discovery, August 17, and four nights later, August 21.

Aurora Australis captured in mesmerising time-lapse video and photos

Art Gallery of Hamilton - Exhibitions


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The expedition crew stand together as a mysterious woman is floating in the background, surrounded

Light Up Costumes meets High Fashion: dig this EL Wire Dress. Very new wave

Aurora Poster

Atom (Ray Palmer).jpg

The 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix


Sunbeam Dimmable LED wave activated, Ultra Thin under cabinet light kit, 3pcs 12in Lights Included And Fixed With 3M Sticker: Amazon.ca: Tools & Home ...

iPad Pro 2018 review: there's much for artists and designers to love about Apple's new iPad

It was a gateway, Guy and Howard the pied pipers who led many toward the light.

Check out the awe-inspiring images from Sony's photo competition

Image Unavailable

He is known to have read Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales and was particularly interested in “What the Moon Saw,” a story in which ...

Please Note: Books and electronic files are sold separately

Scientists believe they have opened the 'black box' into what causes schizophrenia, leading

A solar storm hitting Mars and stripping the atmosphere

A Journey Through Darkness

The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World's Most Secretive Startup | WIRED

... history) at the Fleisher Art Memorial just 14 months ago...and it was subsequently shown again, at the Lightbox Film Center (as part of the touring UCLA ...

Alan Lightman on the Longing for Absolutes in a Relative World and What Gives Lasting Meaning. “

Art by Derek Dominic D'souza from Song of Two Worlds by Alan Lightman


Elizabeth Streb's troupe is part of a new wave of circus performers. “The drama is in danger,” says Streb. “I'm trying to make people wonder, What's going ...

Light Holders & the Attack of the LizardBrains---SOULD

All Them Witches

Johansson) is a Swedish-Finnish musician and sound artist based in Turku, Finland. She's performing and recording under the moniker Tsembla as well as her ...

Stage lighting

Renwick Renaissance

Thursday January 31 2019

Artist's impression of gravitational waves. Credit: NASA

Olga Balema, Untitled (shaky blood stone), 2014, Chiseled Granite, Motor, Wiring, 80 x 97 cm

Joseph Mallord William Turner, 'Snow Storm - Steam-Boat off a Harbour's Mouth

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The supernova that created the gas cloud would have been visible to our very distant ancestors about 8,000 years ago as a bright new star in the northern ...

The Visions series by Canadian artist Guillaume Lachapelle, based in Montreal, who imagines endless sculptures, playing with light and reflections to create ...

Jackson Pollock, 'Number 23' 1948

The sculpture transforms into an elephant as you walk around for a side-on view

Image: Rina Banerjee, Viola, from New Orleans-ah, a global business goods raker, combed, tilled the land of Commerce, giving America a certain extra extra ...

The duo's work had been picking up steam with 'Twoism' and 'Hi Scores' but 'Music Has The Right To Children' really opened a new vortex.

Talking Heads, 'Remain in Light'

Cleansing My Mind

And we can't underestimate the album's impact on subsequent dance music. You hear traces of 80s new wave in the opening bars of 'Keep Your Dreams', ...

Sunrise viewed from the space shuttle

8 Cities That Show You What the Future Will Look Like

Artists United Against Apartheid, 'Sun City'

VIII. "This Life Ain't For You"

The Earth, Auguste Rodin. '

“New Wave Hegemony and the Bebop Question,” a review of the music of 1978, published in January, 1979.


In the '50s, r&b coalesced with bebop ideas in styles called “hard bop” and “soul jazz.” What do you think new wave disco might sound like?

Captained by Bruce from the camp, the one person LadyBug Art car swirled around us, buzzing to and fro, lit up in neon from below and above, and in a macro ...

Computer simulation of the Earth's magnetic field.

'Progress is painfully uneven': Baltimore, 15 years after The Wire | Television & radio | The Guardian

The group also cracked jokes about what they should call their prison gang. Everyone dug Wheeler's tongue-in-cheek suggestion that they could strike fear ...


Leviton DZ1KD-1BZ Decora Smart 1000W Dimmer with Z-Wave Plus Technology, White

Up and Vanished (Season 2 OST)

lady of the light